Our Team

Our Team

Governance, management and control are distributed among the shareholders, the Board of Directors, Board committees and the CEO. The overall objective of corporate governance at Standard Finance is to ensure smooth and efficient processes that uphold high ethical standards as well as good risk management and internal control.

Board of Directors

Ragnar Kullander
Chairman of the Board
Lars Wikman
Board Advisor
John Pilgrim
Board Member
Joel Liljekvist
Board Member
Ghill Borgefors
Board Deputy

Group Management and Senior Advisors

Johan Andersson
Head of Card Program

Anders Andersson
Chief Technology Officer
Joel Liljekvist
Chief Operating Officer
Per-Erik Ökvist
Head of Web Development
Angelina Brolén
Chief Administration Officer (CAO)
Klas Mangerud
Senior MBA Advisor
Hans Ericson
Senior Banking Advisor