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Welcome to the State Of Cards™ Refugee Application page. If you are here as a organization, please use the “register organization” link below. If you are here as a individual, please use the “refugee application” link.

This project is meant to support our Ukrainian refugees in Sweden. If you order and purchase a State Of Cards™ Prepaid Mastercard as a individual, we are donating 100SEK per purchase to the Swedish filial of The Salvation Army. If you are creating an account as a organization, you keep 100SEK from each purchase to be spent on childrens activities, humanitarian aid or other projects for our refugees.

We at Standard Finance Sweden thank you for your cooperation and interest in taking part of this project together with us and our products!

Slava Ukraini! Heroyam Slava!

Organization Application

Refugee Application

For more information, please contant us via phone +46(0) 184 444 800 or mail:

Regarding accommodation certificate

Due to regulations regarding the purchase and ordering of Mastercard Prepaid Cards we need to receive a accommodation certificate to be able to finalize the application process. If you already have an accommodation certificate, you can upload this into the application form at the stated area. If you do not have an accommodation certificate you will need to present this afterwards as soon as you receive this. If we do not receive an accommodation certificate we will not be able to finalize the application process.

Please view the link below for the certificate blankett. You can either fill in the form digitaly or print, sign and scan. If you have any questions or if there are any troubles with the form, please contact us for help!

Download an accommodation certificate blankett here..